The Chinese-American Vote in California amid Extreme Partisanship

Thursday, July 1, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM America, Los Angeles
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Hosted by: CAA Chinese Chapter
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The Chinese-American Vote in California amid Extreme Partisanship and Anti-Asian Hostility

with Tom Campbell

Disaffected former Republican Rep. Tom Campbell aims to launch a new political party in California.

As we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day, we examine the role that Chinese Americans have played and can play in our political system. You are cordially invited by the CAA-Chinese Chapter to join us for an in-depth discussion with Tom Campbell, former US Congressman and UC Berkeley dean, as we discuss the current status of California politics, whether there is a need for a new political party to challenge the seeming monopoly that the Democratic Party has on the state, and the role that Chinese-Americans and Asian-Americans play in state politics in this period of extreme partisanship and anti-Asian hostility.

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